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Q: What's the difference between a good reading and a GREAT reading?

A: A GREAT reading helps you to truly begin transforming your life. When you walk away, you feel INSPIRED and motivated to activate real CHANGE! You have some quantifiable new real-life tools in your pocket to help you TRANSCEND YOUR CHALLENGES and get you to the next stage.


I do a couple of different styles of readings, but they all focus on providing the client with exactly these things. Depending on your needs, I will incorporate elements of traditional astrology and sometimes tarot/oracle as well, but the "meat and potatoes" of the reading will be the Destiny Cards. Read below for more details about what kind of readings I offer! We can always combine elements in one session to provide you with exactly the kind of support and insight you need. The cards can and will help you find answers to all of your questions about love, career, life path, karma and more - are you ready to receive their guidance?







This unique card reading system, also known as the Cards of the Magi, dates all the way back to the sacred priesthoods of Ancient Egypt. It uses the standard 52 card playing card deck as a divination method, and has overlaps with tarot and with astrology. We will use your birthday as a starting point to calculate your Personality Cards (similar to your natal chart in astrology), your compatibility with others (similar to a synastry reading), and your timed spreads (similar to transit astrology or zodiacal release). Within the Magi Cards system we can do several different kinds of readings:



🌌Essence: Unlock the mysteries within and embark on a journey of self-discovery!


Think of this reading as a crash course on your soul identity and purpose in this lifetime! I will lead you through an in-depth analysis of your baseline Personality Cards to give you a wealth of useful personal insights. We'll go over your lifetime strengths, challenges, and hidden potentials, as well as your lifetime strong and weak karma. Receive keys to breaking out of patterns that may be holding you back from a more satisfying self actualization and experience a deep sense of validation as you receive confirmation about many aspects of your deepest, highest self!


💞Harmony: Discover the magic of connection and maximize the harmony of your interactions!


Curious why some relationships are so easy, some are so $#%!@ hard - and some just seem divinely fated? This reading will give you clarity on all the nuances of your lifetime relationships! We’ll perform an insightful analysis of your synastry (= compatibility) statistics to understand your interactions with others, whether it be spouses, family, friends, or business partners. We can look up your "chemistry" with anyone in the world as long as you know their birthday - and conveniently, unlike astrology, you only need to know their birth month and day to calculate this! Together we will uncover the dynamics that may lie behind challenging as well as rewarding interpersonal dynamics, and discuss ways to maximize the overall harmony of your connections.



In this hour and a half session we will fully cover both of your personality cards, as well as delve into the nuances of your synastry and mindfulness tips for maximum joy and workability in your day to day relationship. We can also look at the calendar for auspicious dates for weddings, travel, buying a house, etc!


👶NEW!! Child-Focused Readings👶

Gain valuable insight into your children’s profiles and what makes them tick the way they do. As parents we all just want to help our kids out the best we can, but sometimes this can be easier said than done. Certain cards have specific deep-seated needs as children that aren’t always well met by caregivers or society, so it can be really helpful to know just what kind of support your children’s energies are seeking from you. Some cards also have difficult karma surrounding illness and accident, and as a parent it is always helpful to know if your child is prone to these tendencies so you can be prepared to help them when necessary. Finally, we’ll investigate your personal connections with your children in the cards – do you have a connection that makes it natural for you to play caregiver and nurturer to them, or maybe one that makes it hard for them to take your advice? We can also go over sibling rivalry/chemistry and interfamily dynamics with other caregivers. 



🌟Life Path: Illuminate your path, and unravel the tapestry of your destiny!


What time of year is the most auspicious for me to make good money? Do I have good chances of finding a soulmate this year, or winning this lawsuit I'm in? If you have questions like these, this reading is for you. Together we will explore the timeline cards in your personal life spread to get a glimpse into your past, present, and potential future. We’ll go over auspicious times in your year, decade or even month/week to make money, find love, travel, etc – but also when you should be ready for challenging influences and what you can do to turn those to your advantage. We can also look in your spread to see when specific people might appear and what influences they might be exerting on your timeline.


🌱DESTINY CARDS: Mini Taster Reading


Not sure if a full reading is for you? This 20 minute mini session is a great way to get your feet wet! Please come to the session with ONE issue in mind you'd like to discuss (love life, career, family, etc) and we'll examine your cards to provide you with some actionable inspiration and answers.  Or, we can go over a super-condensed version of the Essence reading (your personality cards.)


🐈🐕 NEW!! Pet Readings 🦜🐇


Our pets are more than animals that just live in our home; they are our babies and they are family. But sometimes, their behavior can be frustrating and confusing, and without the tools of language we can struggle to understand what they need from us. This is where a Destiny Cards reading for your furbaby could come in handy: as long as you know the exact day and month (s)he was born, we can look into their traits, tendencies and karma just like we can for humans!  This can help us better understand their anxieties, urges, and general needs without needing to be psychic or a "pet whisperer". We can also look at synastry issues between multiple pets, or between a pet and different owners, to try and create a more harmonious household.



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FULL Destiny Card sessions: $120: about 1.5 hours.

COUPLES Destiny Card sessions: $160: about 2 hours.

MINI Destiny Card sessions: $30: about 20-30 min. After this time, standard rates for a full reading will apply if you wish to continue.

A typed up pdf summary of your reading is an optional add on available for $10. Zoom recordings of your session are always complimentary and can be sent to you after our meeting.


I accept payment via Zelle, Venmo, and Paypal and will provide payment details upon confirmation of appointment. If you need an alternate payment method, please let me know so we can set something up.


Sliding scale is available upon request! I am here to serve my community and I am also always open to offers for trades of service 😊





Online readings are held via Zoom. If you would like a recording of our session, I'll send it via email after the reading. It'll be sent through a third party data transfer service called WeTransfer and will be available for download for a week after your reading.


If you live in the Chicago or Benton Harbor area, I am available for in person readings on request.






It is free to cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours before our session time. After that point, you will be charged a 50% inconvenience fee unless it was a genuine emergency. Thank you for your understanding!





Here's what some of my clients are saying about their readings:


"LILLA IS INCREDIBLE. For anyone who has received readings of various forms, this reading was by far the most enlightening. Her capacity for objectivity in her readings, her ability to interpret messages from a deep rooted code of numbers, symbols, patterns and spread; second to none! This GIFT she possesses and her willingness to share it; expanding her own horizons, while allowing others a glimpse into their own, nothing short of Divine. She allows this flow, creating a level of accuracy that cannot be denied or deflected. If you find yourself here reading this review, you are already looking at the fountain, TAKE THE DRINK!" 


"Lilla's virtual card reading session via Zoom proved to be a profound and valuable experience for me. Following the reading, I noticed a significant shift in my perspective towards myself. Prior to the love card reading, I had been subconsciously harboring shame about certain aspects of my personality. However, Lilla's guidance allowed me to see myself in a new light, fostering greater acceptance for my core identity. The reading was not only validating but also left me with a profound sense of relief, akin to a deep exhale."


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