Breadcrumbs from the YOU-niverse:

Following the trail of clues through physical and emotional awareness to embody your highest potential

by Lori Kaufman
edited by Lilla Dent

- What is medical Astrology and how can it be used to address your physical health issues?
- What is generational Astrology and why are Saturn returns so life-changing?
- How can Astrology be used to determine an ideal educational environment?
- What are the common astrological features of a serial killer, and why?
- What are Stage Cards in the Tarot and what can they teach us about authenticity?
- Is there a connection between Ayurveda and Astrology?
- What are the 6 “Clairs” and how can they help you tap into your own native intuition?
- What’s the overlap between palmistry and yoga, and how can they both teach you more about the mind-body connection?

Find answers to these questions and SO much more in this handy reference guide by expert Astrologer and Tarot reader Lori Kaufman. Chock filled with helpful examples and charts as well as intriguing anecdotes from her personal experience and rare tidbits you won’t find anywhere else, this little book will give you a fresh perspective on divination, spirituality, and life itself!

335 pages.

A note from the author:
"I always believed that the best way to learn was through experiences and after collecting so many anecdotes and stories on my own path of discovery, I thought it was time to share! This practical resource guidebook will help you understand how to use tools like Astrology, Tarot, Reiki and more to improve your mind-body-spirit connection and boost your physical as well as your mental fitness. Come join me on the “Fool’s Journey” of synchronicity and magic through not only the Tarot but a whole bunch of other eye-opening adventures as well – and learn how it is in fact all connected!"

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